Dear Reader,

Hello and welcome to my wikispace. You are now entering a place where I am able to tell you all about myself and reveal my hidden passions and philosophies. Before I get too ahead of myself, however, let me tell you the basics…

I am currently a sophomore attending high school in Colorado. I am a perfectionist who is learning to laugh at herself. I thoroughly enjoy math and volleyball, and am constantly surrounded by people I love. I have two caring parents, two crazy brothers, and one amazing God. I am always trying to follow my Savior, Jesus Christ, and I enjoy spreading His word. In total, I’m just trying to live life to the fullest!

One of my greatest passions in life, which I believe I received from my parents, is helping others. I’m always eager to help, whether it’s serving food at a soup kitchen, volunteer at a nursing home, or delivering furniture for families in need. I recently volunteered at a local nursing home, and a particular couple touched my heart. My friend and I had been serving popcorn and handing out drinks to the patients in order to get them ready for a movie. A woman was sitting in her wheelchair while her husband, who was perfectly healthy, was sitting on the couch next to her. We had gone up to them a couple of times and asked if they wanted any more popcorn. After getting some refills for them, we sat down and took a break. Suddenly, the husband waved us over. Quietly, as we came up upon them, the husband whispered in our ears, “Is it okay if we hold hands?” This question deeply touched my heart. It was amazing to see that this couple, after fifty plus years of marriage, was still in love! They took care of each other in times of sickness and continuously supported one another. I could see that throughout all the years that they had spent together, they were at peace with each other. They worked through their problems, forgiving and forgetting, and now, as they were both entering their eighties, they were still together. Well, you may be asking what this has to do with my personal philosophy statement. I think that keeping a relationship strong for over fifty years takes a lot of patience and a lot of forgiveness. Today, we see so many couples divorced because they may be unable to forgive each other. While I’m not saying that this is always the case or that if you are divorced you are a terrible person, but relationships take effort. There will always be disagreements, but forgiveness sets the tension free and strengthens the relationship.

Community service is my calling. My family currently operates a non-profit organization called Furnishing Hope Colorado, where willing people donate furniture and we find families who need it. The people that we deliver to can be individuals who just got out of abusive relationships, moved out of a shelter, or are recovering from an addiction. Clients might also be moms and dads who are being reunited with their children from foster care. When I help deliver to these families, I learn about their struggles and how our efforts can make life a little easier for them.

Another organization that I love being a part of is Casas Por Christo (or Houses for Christ). Every other Christmas, my family, and anyone who wants to join, drives down to Juarez, Mexico to help build houses. We spend three or four days building the houses and getting to know the children and families who live in Mexico. These trips help us realize how fortunate we really are and provide a way for us to give back to the community.

Now, you may be wondering, what does community service have to do with forgiveness? Well, I strongly believe that we all deserve second chances. Stellar Kart exemplifies this in the song, Second Chances: “The second chances never end, from now until forever. There will always be second chances and you'll always be on you're first try” (Stellar Kart). Everybody has been given a second chance at least once…I know that I sure have! I like to think that community service plays a role in this because we are helping people make the most of their second chances. Community service provides support and love for those who have been “knocked down.” And why not help them? I know that I’ve asked for forgiveness so many times it’s mind-boggling! Only now am I just beginning to learn how to forgive myself. I believe that no matter who you are or what you did, you deserve forgiveness. Asking for forgiveness, however, also means that you must forgive others as well. This is where my philosophy statement comes in, “To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you” (Unknown).

Thank you for viewing my wikispace and I hope you enjoy it!


Alex F


"Second Chances" by Stellar Kart